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At JP Destination Weddings we are passionate about the wedding planning process and highly respect this very important event of your life. From romantic elopements to large receptions, our weddings are seamlessly designed and beautifully implemented.

The years of experience and love for destination weddings have led to our bespoke approach in wedding planning, design, and management. We focus on your dream nuptials to plan the wedding that reflects your needs and desires and exceeds your expectations. We offer wedding planning services in Greece & Italy.

Your wedding planner will be there for you from the very beginning to talk about the best options for your wedding. From the wedding destination & venue to the detailed plan and design of the wedding (style, times, paperwork, logistics of the wedding); and of course to the complete coordination of the big day. With JP Destination Weddings you can trust the people that have developed local expertise and are native Greek & Italian speakers. We will ensure a smooth lead up to the wedding day and a much-anticipated experience.

As much as we are firm believers in the need to personalize each event, we do understand the value of a wedding package. An all-inclusive wedding package can quickly give you an idea of the costs, as it combines all the essential services to the venue options.

At the end of this text, you may click on the link to find out about our wedding packages. We suggest wedding packages for the Greek islands of Santorini, Kefalonia, and Crete. And as well as for the top Italian wedding destinations of Tuscany, Sorrento, Ravello, and Almalfi coast. 

In the Santorini wedding packages, you will discover civil & symbolic ceremony packages, but also ceremony and reception wedding packages suggesting amazing wedding venues. Namely, Andromeda Villas, Dana Villas for intimate weddings. Or the new El Viento Wedding Venue and the classic La Maltese Estate (Buddha Bar) able to host bigger weddings. Moreover, the Theros beach bar for a laid-back reception. But also Luxury Villas such as Cavo Ventus, Santorini Gem, and Thermes, as well as Venetsanos Winery, Pyrgos, and Mario restaurants.

In the Tuscan wedding packages, you will find out the services and costs that some amazing wedding venues can offer. Our ceremony and reception Tuscan wedding packages, often include accommodation as well. From the rustic feel of the lands of San Galgano to the historic home of Dante Alighieri to the luxury of the private villa la Foce or a palace or castle, this brochure has it all! Discover Villa Le Fontanelle, the castle of Celsa and Oliveto, the Borgo Pietrafita, the villa di Maiano, villa il Garofalo and villa di Striano!

You may discover all our starting wedding packages by clicking here and remember that you can use these to start and build up the wedding of your dreams!

About Josephine Politi (JP)

Short Bio

Josephine Politi
Josephine Politi

A Greek-Italian that proudly holds in her heart the cultural heritage of two beautiful and significant countries in Europe. Josephine's Sicilian mother triggered the first aspects of Italian culture through the language, the trips to the aunties, and the name of the grandmother Giuseppina (Josephine). And these trips have never stopped; on the contrary, they became trips for studies and later on for pleasure and business. The Greek father has stimulated her love for classical culture, freedom, and hospitality.

Josephine grew up between Athens, Kefalonia, and Lefkada. She studied in Greece, Italy, and France, with a Master's degree in Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures, a Master in Translation, and continuous specialized studies in Communication, Marketing & Event Organization. The first career step found her teaching Italian and English in Brussels and Athens while aspiring to an academic career. But the field of the events has conquered her. After years of experience in organizing public awareness campaigns and congresses, she passed to the tourism sector and the planning of destination weddings in Santorini. As Event Manager of the awarded Santorini Gem - Best Venue of Europe 2019 - for more than 4 years, she had the chance to plan weddings for couples reaching Santorini from all over the world. And this is what Josephine considers the most rewarding turning point in her career... being part of the meaningful and happy moments of your life.

Initial Concept & Development

Location and Venue Selection - Budget Creation and Tracking

Wedding Suppliers Selection

Photography & Videography - Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist - Transportation

Creative Wedding Design

Bridal Flowers - Venue Decoration and Styling - Lighting - Wedding Cake - Signage

Wedding Destination Experience

Excursions -Boat Tours- Wine Tasting - Rehearsal Dinners - Parties - Horse Riding

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Creating a wedding timeline is a challenge if you get married at home. Even more, if you are having a destination wedding! And if just for a second you thought "Do I even need a schedule? My Santorini wedding will be laid back, fewer guests and no need for...", rest assured that the initial thought will fade away, by the end of this post!...

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