Private Parties & Corporate Events

Private event in a villa or onboard?
Fine dining or laid back party?

Entertainment is the key!
Entertainment is the key!

Memorable events are created with great artists.

Give a unique character to your private event with the right choice of music, dancers, singers, shows. Classic vs modern, minimal vs extravagant, this s your story to tell!

Let us help you choose the best entertainment for your event.

Solo singers and musicians can perfectly stand in smaller or larger scale events. So does a DJ to ensure the perfect music flow. And the party goes even stronger if you combine the artists!

Dancing with the folklore dancers will be an experience you will never forget. While creating scenic shows with the best modern performers will be your statement! 

Spoil yourselves with a private cruise!
Spoil yourselves with a private cruise!

The luxury of spending quality time.

Indulge yourselves, friends, and family with the gift of time well-spent. These are your memories to create and cherish, your experiences to live!

We can suggest the best options of your destination.

Is it fine dining with stunning views or the laid back feeling that you are after or a private villa? Or is it the ultimate feeling of freedom while sailing in the Mediterranean? We are here to help you make the right choice and make sure that the Dj, the Chef, the photographer & the videographer are on the same boat to create and capture unforgettable moments!

Corporate Events
Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Having the expertise to design and execute corporate events, we well understand that incentive travel is focused on fun, food, and other activities, as well as education and work!

Whether it is a meeting, a small conference, a simple or a gala dinner or you need us to plan a series of events for an incentive trip, we will work with you to coordinate the perfect experience that you envision.

Everybody feels the need to be respected, to belong, and to be rewarded. Therefore, if you are thinking of the best way to give the employees and partners cultural, interpersonal, and status motivation, a well-planned corporate event is the key.

Check out PLM Events specialists in entertainment!

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