Greek & Italian Wedding Destinations Gallery

Your wedding under the Greek & Italian sun!

Enjoy the magical destinations!

Breathtaking Santorini!

Fierce and breathtaking, Santorini stands proudly amongst the top wedding destinations worldwide. The infinite blue of the sky and sea, combined with the white-washed buildings and blue domes on the caldera cliffs will be the spectacular background of your wedding.

Santorini's views are the perfect setting for your wedding ceremony and you must have these pictures if you are getting married in Santorini! Depending on how laid back or how formal you have imagined your reception, there are countless options in mainland or beachfront restaurants, wineries, caldera venues, hotels, and private villas. Enjoy the wedding pictures and get inspired!

Amazing  Kefalonia!

Paradise on earth, for nature lovers. Kefalonia is the biggest island of the Ionian Sea and tops it up with a variety of scenery. Infinite blue, beaches with gold sand or red sand, beaches with white pebbles and crystal-clear waters; immense greenery and national park on the imponent Mount Aenos and the whimsical cave lake of Melissani to mention a few.

The stunning landscape pairs with the tasteful local cuisine, while the tremendous number of entertainment activities and the uncrowded space, make this island ideal for an unforgettable wedding and honeymoon. Enjoy the pictures of your dream wedding in Kefalonia!

Legendary Crete!

Crete is the largest island in Greece and one of the largest in the Mediterranean Sea. Located in the South of Greece, it has the best climate, with 9 months of sunshine, and an average sunshine duration of 7 hours per day!

The natural beauty of the island is an immense treasure, with countless paths on the mountains, relaxing beaches, and the prosperous land of the prime olive oil and the exemplary Mediterranean diet.

The Crete landscape offers an ideal backdrop to your ceremony and reception as it is so variable that you just need to find out the character that speaks to you! Sunshine, genuine flavors, and the famous Cretan hospitality are only a few of the elements your guests will enjoy and remember for a lifetime. Moreover, Crete offers ceremony and reception wedding venues in extended resorts, that combine the hotel comfort and wedding privacy at the same time.

Tuscany Chick!

Bella Italia! A famous wedding destination that attracts couples seeking an elegant marriage with a particular Italian flair.

Tuscany offers you the possibility of a private wedding in a wine yard or olive grove if you are looking at the ultimate rustic chic style wedding. The impeccable taste and quality of the food and wine will certainly be an original and treasured culinary experience. Or your choice could shift to one of the breathtaking private villas accentuating the sophisticated and elegant style of small palaces.

The Tuscany landscape offers an ideal backdrop to your ceremony and reception. Italian finesse, attention to detail, genuine flavors, and tantalizing wine are only a few of the elements your guests will enjoy and remember for a lifetime. Check out the beautiful Tuscan wedding venues and fantasize about your wedding day!

Enchanting Amalfi Coast!

Some of the most sparkling Italian jewels are located next to Naple's bay, Sorrento, Ravello, and the Amalfi coast, to name a few. Sun-kissed, with the magnificent sea, colorful uphill architecture, and picturesque views, this destination is one of the world's favorites.

The people are so warm and friendly and treat their friends and guests as royalty. Spoiled by the exquisite food and services, you will find Sorrento and Amalfi to be the quintessence of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Proud of your choice, you will give a good motive to your guests to visit an Italian top destination, near the famous vacation resort of Capri, next to the cultural Napoli and to the historic Pompei. Enjoy the adventure in a land of dramatic setting, tasting Neapolitan pizza Margherita and limoncello liqueur from the scenic lemon yards. Is this your destination wedding?