10 Destination Wedding Planning Tips by JP


Newly engaged and super excited to plan the wedding of your dreams! Where should we get married? When do we get married? Who should we invite? How much is a wedding? Do I need a wedding planner? Planning your wedding is a beautiful experience but can be overwhelming. Here are 10 planning tips for your destination wedding!

The Destination

Choose a place meaningful to you. The destination will inspire your wedding details and the stories to share with family and friends forever. It may be a place you have visited before as a couple or a destination you always dreamed of. Greece and Italy are popular wedding destinations for a reason. The sun and light, the culture, the beauty, and hospitality make the planning process effortless and the wedding unforgettable to everyone. Check our top wedding destination suggestions in the Mediterranean.

The Planner

Having a planner and a wedding coordinator are important for a well-organized destination wedding. A wedding planner with experience and local know-how can save you time and money. The selection of the proper venue & suppliers, the assistance with all the paperwork procedure and wedding legalization, the coordination of the suppliers, and of the wedding day are part of the planner's job. Meet our wedding planner Josephine before committing. She will be your expert friend to guide you through the wedding planning process seamlessly. Planner, bride & groom need to like and trust each other!

Dates & Numbers

Think about possible dates that are good for you and the guests. Advise your planner on the approx. n. of guests and budget. Ask for her experience on the response expectancy and on how to best allocate the budget. Each wedding is different and the cost totally depends on the number of guests and the choices of services. Check out the wedding packages here to have a feel but do talk with your planner about personalizing your wedding package.

The Wedding Venue

Once you have selected your wedding destination, it's time to choose the dream wedding venue! The wedding venue needs to be appropriate for the wedding size and match your aesthetic & budgetary criteria. Greece & Italy offer beautiful private villas, little palaces, wineries, restaurants, wedding venues, boutique hotels, and resorts. Every place has a charm on its own, making your marriage elegant and unique. Let's find out together which one is your ceremony & reception venue.

Set Priorities

Think about the elements and the services that are most important for you. Is it the stylish decor? Do you want your guests to have a memorable feast? Or is it the best DJ that your wedding party needs? The wedding is an occasion for the guests to know you even better, so do not hesitate to make choices and show your character. Nothing is too much or too little for your friends and families that have traveled from a different part of the world to celebrate your love.

Booking the Suppliers

When, what, who? Photography, Entertainment, HMUA are services that are best to book first as to have the best professionals available. Flowers & decorations, favors, as well as food & beverage selection can follow. Final touches, extras, pre & after wedding events are the last to be arranged, as by then you will have a precise idea of the budget allocation. Don't be afraid to ask for the details of the services. You deserve the best services for your very special day.

Focus & Protect

For a happy wedding all we need is love, so do not stress and focus on each other! We also need the paperwork and the dress to fly in safely in your hand luggage! It is important to focus on the important staff and protect your feelings. Your wedding day will happen once and you will have your best friends and family to share the happiness. Let the wedding planner worry about the little things and enjoy the start of your new life!

Wedding Extras

There are ALWAYS things and stuff you didn't know you wanted but cannot do without! And other things you thought you wanted... It's essential to be prepared for a 5-10% extra budget for the change of heart!

Destination Wedding Experience

Thanks to you, the families and besties are all together in a magnificent destination. The vacation mood is ON and it's the absolute occasion to plan a once in a lifetime experience! A rehearsal dinner can be the perfect occasion to let your guests mix and match! A get together prior to the wedding will help them break the ice and party harder on the wedding day! Post-wedding events are equally laid back and allow you and the guests to enjoy yourselves, even more, chatting about all the details of the big day! Each wedding destination has a character and services to offer that will make the destination wedding an unforgettable experience. A private cruise party, a wine tasting experience, a brunch, and sunbathing on the beach to name a few fun ideas.

Embrace the Moments

Walk down the aisle and take it all in. Look at him waiting for the love of his life, emotional and astonished by your beauty. Look at her shining with her best smile for you, ready to accept the man of her life. Feel the loving energy of your friends and family. Laugh and cry and dance and kiss. This is your life! 

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