Civil Ceremony and Reception Wedding Package

Mario Restaurant is located on Monolithos beach and is known for the authentic Greek recipes, Greek hospitality, excellent service & late party. It is a spacious venue and a preferred one from the locals when they celebrate a meaningful event. It's time our destination couples discover the island's secrets...

Why would you choose this wedding location?

Because you can have your wedding on the beach, just in front of the reception venue! Even if the beach by Greek law cannot be private, it practically is reserved for the guests of the restaurant! Because it is a beautiful restaurant with excellent food quality! And if you are expecting many guests, no venue fee applies, which makes it so affordable! Equally important when you have large numbers: Mario Restaurant is so kid-friendly that has a dedicated space for the children.


Can I have a legal wedding in Santorini?

Yes, you can. We offer full guidance on the collection of the appropriate certificates, handle the official translation and the wedding registration. Couples from almost all countries can have a civil wedding in Greece. In order to have a legal religious wedding at least one of the two needs to be Orthodox. Same-sex weddings are not legal yet in Greece. Same-sex couples can have a symbolic ceremony.

How much does a wedding in Santorini cost?

Like all top wedding destinations, Santorini offers a variety of services of excellent level. The cost of the wedding clearly depends on the size and choice of services and suppliers. The absolute necessity is the bride the groom & the celebrant. But the sky is the limit! The package you are looking at includes far more than the essential features. You can go down or up with the costs, so if this package needs twists, do not hesitate to ask.

Santorini Greece is a top wedding destination. Couples from all countries of the world choose Santorini to elope or to celebrate their micro-wedding or their Greek big fat wedding!