Symbolic Ceremony and Reception Wedding Package

Dourakis Winery is one of the most notable multi-awarded wineries of Crete, located in the region of Alikampos, between the beautiful cities of Chania and Rethymno. The natural beauty of the wider region of Alikampos is the ideal environment to produce and store the wine, but it also makes it the ideal setting for a wedding ceremony and reception with a rustic-chic style. Enjoy Greek hospitality at its best with genuine smiles, authentic flavors, and abundance.

Why would you choose this wedding location?

Because of the beauty and authenticity the winery can give to your wedding ceremony & reception. Because it is the ideal setting if you are looking for a rustic-chic stylish wedding. Because you will offer your guests genuine and plentiful flavors.  


Can I have a legal wedding in Crete?

Yes, you can, but not in all venues. We offer full guidance on the collection of the appropriate certificates, handle the official translation and the wedding registration. Couples from almost all countries can have a civil wedding in Greece. Same-sex weddings are not legal yet in Greece. Same-sex couples can have a symbolic ceremony.

How much does a wedding in Crete cost?

Like all top wedding destinations, Crete offers a variety of services of excellent level. The cost of the wedding clearly depends on the size and choice of services and suppliers. The absolute necessity is the bride the groom & the celebrant. But the sky is the limit! Take a look at the packages to have a feel and do not hesitate to ask for a tailor-made package!

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