Symbolic Ceremony and Reception Wedding Package

Immerse in light and sun the Castle of Celsa is located on a hill just a few miles away from the evocative town of Siena, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Invite your guests to witness the symbolic or civil ceremony in the Italian garden of the chapel of the castle; enjoy the wedding reception at the majestic castle background. A suggestive accommodation in the castle will top up the experience for the closest friends and family.

Why would you choose this wedding location?

Because you have always wanted a fairytale wedding and a real castle is the perfect background! Because you will enjoy the privacy your wedding day needs in amazing gardens. Moreover, the newlyweds and 15 more closest guests will experience the most suggestive accommodation in the castle and in villa Limonaia!


Can I have a legal wedding in Tuscany?

Yes, you can, but not in all venues. We offer full guidance on the collection of the appropriate certificates, handle the official translation and the wedding registration.

Couples from almost all countries can have a civil wedding in Italy. Same-sex weddings are not legal yet in Italy. Same-sex couples can have a symbolic ceremony.

How much does a wedding in Tuscany cost?

Like all top wedding destinations, Tuscany offers a variety of services of excellent level. The cost of the wedding clearly depends on the size and choice of services and suppliers. The absolute necessity is the bride the groom & the celebrant. But the sky is the limit! Take a look at the packages to have a feel and do not hesitate to ask for a tailor-made package!

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